Natural reverb for Live recordings

The Chamber

The Chamber is our large room used for live Indianapolis shows, live recordings, and recordings requiring a large natural reverb. The Chamber recording studio has been used for numerous recordings, choirs, national artist gatherings, and video shoots. Our live recording studio in Indianapolis is a great option for demos—we’re proud to capture the voice and presence of our artists. This space is perfect for bands, allowing them to record together in a great sounding room with the best natural reverb in Indianapolis. Experience your full sound with a live recording in the Chamber at Azmyth.

Recording with a large group presents unique challenges. If you don’t have the right space, you’ll get an inferior sound no matter how well you play. You don’t just need the right audio engineer, you need a specially designed live recording studio. Luckily, at Azmyth, we have both. The Chamber uses advanced audio recording principles to create a natural reverb in the studio, meaning we can capture your group’s full sound. Your music’s acoustics will sound just like you’re playing in a large venue. A live recording in The Chamber at Azmyth in Indianapolis makes it easy to get the live sound you’re looking for.

The Chamber
Drum Sample
The Chamber Drum Sample
The Chamber
Horn Sample
The Chamber Horn Sample

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