Rap, Hip-Hop & Single Artists

Studio B

Studio B at Azmyth is a fully digital recording studio in Indianapolis designed from single artist instrument or vocal recording to Hip Hop and Rap Music Production. Many incredible records have been written and tracked in this studio, by both local and national artists. Our skilled audio engineers have worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Eminem & D12, and they are ready to assist with beat production, digital music production, and mixing.

This one of a kind recording space is built to be a professional, comfortable, and private space with a comprehensive collection of digital music production equipment. The studio is equipped with a solid vocal chain including the Avalon 737, Empirical Labs Distressor, Neve 1073, Slate Dragon Compressor, Sony C800G mic and access to any of the mics in Azmyth’s Studio Mic locker.

Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

Avalon 737sp
Empiracal Labs Distressor

Slate Dragon

Hairball 1176

BAE Neve 1073

Avalon 737

Sony C-800G Tube Condenser
All Mics in Mic Locker
Darrell Green
Ain't Nobody
Darrell Green Ain't Nobody
This Town
MMP This Town
My Birthday
Haystak My Birthday
Devil To Pay
Tractor Fuckin' Trailer
Devil To Pay Tractor Fuckin' Trailer
Kid Quill
Down Time
Kid Quill Down Time
@bthompson says:
I am happy to tell you that Azmyth Recording was chosen for the 2018 Best of Indianapolis Awards in the category of Recording Studios. The Best of Indianapolis Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community. For additional information please visit us at: https://indianapolis.cityrecognition.org/MDKM5-UBNQ-WZKK If needed for reference - your code is: DKM5-UBNQ-WZKK Congratulations, Blake Thompson Best of Indianapolis Awards
Aimee Allen
On Vacation
Aimee Allen On Vacation
Brad Kleinschmidt
Brad Kleinschmidt Mess
Mark Battles
Wait On It
Mark Battles Wait On It
Big Smo
Thing For You
Big Smo Thing For You
Casey Harshbarger
Spencers Song
Casey Harshbarger Spencers Song
East Coast Chamber Orchestra
Live at the Palladium
East Coast Chamber Orchestra Live at the Palladium
Lil Dev
Hum V
Look In Your Eyes ft. Lynda Sayyah
Hum V Look In Your Eyes ft. Lynda Sayyah
Traptown, USA
Trajik Traptown, USA
The Matt Mitchell Project
Back To Me
The Matt Mitchell Project Back To Me
The Lox
Savior (feat. Dyce Payne)
The Lox Savior (feat. Dyce Payne)
No More Goodbyes
No More Goodbyes Beautiful
G Labeaud
What Happened
G Labeaud What Happened
Alania Renae
You Made a Woman
Alania Renae You Made a Woman
Slayed ft. A'ron Easton
UG Slayed ft. A'ron Easton
800lb Gorilla
North Umbria
800lb Gorilla North Umbria
Mike Posner
Top of the World (feat. Big Sean)
Mike Posner Top of the World (feat. Big Sean)
Slow Down Child
Kaijowaan Slow Down Child
Woah! Tiger
Touch Of Bad
Woah! Tiger Touch Of Bad
Haste The Day
Sea Of Apathy
Haste The Day Sea Of Apathy

Next Level Sounds

Fully Digital Studio

Our next level recording space is built to a private sanctuary for you to supercharge your creative process. Come experience why this Indianapolis studio is used for national recordings and digital music production from all over the country in areas anywhere from some of the industries biggest music heavyweights to commercial voice overs. Don’t settle for anything but the best. At Azmyth in Indianapolis, there’s no limits on what you can accomplish. With the right digital production equipment and our professional engineer’s support, your next project will be your best one.

Make Sound History

Fill out the form to request a booking for Studio B. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a verification. You can even book a tour if you’re interested.