Services & Rates


We offer industry standard recording, mixing, and mastering in Indianapolis.

(Single, Demos, EP's, Mixtapes, Full Albums, Radio Edits, Radio Commercials, Voice Overs, and more)


Basic Recording rates for Tracking and Mixing:


$70.00 per hour for Analog and/or Digital recording

* First time clients require a $50.00 deposit to book their first session


We are currently offering a 5 hour continuous block at $275.00 and $55.00 for every hour beyond the fifth hour.

*5 Hour blocks require a $100.00 Deposit


Block Pricing:

The following prepaid block pricing can be split into multiple sessions:


 5 Hours tracking/mixing: $325.00


10 Hours tracking/mixing: $625.00


20 Hours tracking/mixing: $1200.00

* Deposit is required


* Block rate sessions receive a 1/2 hour setup and an

Azmyth School of Music Technology Apprentice and/or intern at no charge


Mastering Services:

$30.00 per song


Mastering Packages:

10 Songs - $250.00


15 Songs - $350.00


20 Songs - $450.00


*Booking Policy:  $50.00 deposit required at scheduling.


*Billing begins at the start of your scheduled session time.


Methods of Payment:






Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please notify the studio manager or engineer at least 24 hours in advance.


Corporate/Label Recording Pricing & Terms:

Tracking: $100.00 per hour


Mixing:     $100.00 per hour


*All Purchase Orders must be received on company letterhead prior to the session start.


*Standard payment terms = Net 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon.


*All sessions over 5 hours require a 50% deposit.


*Production Services: Please contact for job quotes.


Hip Hop/Rap Beat Production:

Starting at $300.00 per beat


Multimedia Transfers:


2" Analog to Pro Tools - $70.00 (per tape)


Cassette to CD - $50.00


Vinyl to CD - $50.00


Remote Recording Starting at $500.00




Listen to some of our recordings below to hear the level of audio quality that you can expect from Azmyth Recording Studios.

5210 E 65th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220