Services & Rates


We offer industry standard recording, mixing, and mastering.

(Single, Demos, EP's, Mixtapes, Full Albums, Radio Edits, Radio Commercials, Voice Overs, and more)


Recoring Rates


$70.00 per hour including engineer

* First time clients require a $50.00 deposit to book their first session


5 hour continuous block at $275.00 and $55.00 for every hour after

*5 Hour blocks require a $100.00 Deposit


Block Pricing:

The following prepaid block pricing can be split into multiple sessions:


 5 Hours tracking/mixing: $325.00


10 Hours tracking/mixing: $625.00


20 Hours tracking/mixing: $1200.00

* Deposit is required


* Block rate sessions receive a 1/2 hour setup and an

Azmyth School of Music Technology Apprentice and/or intern at no charge


Mastering Services:

$30.00 per song


Mastering Packages:

10 Songs - $250.00


15 Songs - $350.00


20 Songs - $450.00


*Booking Policy:  $50.00 deposit required at scheduling.


*Billing begins at the start of your scheduled session time.


Methods of Payment:






Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please notify the studio manager or engineer at least 24 hours in advance.


Corporate/Label Recording Pricing & Terms:

Tracking: $100.00 per hour


Mixing:     $100.00 per hour


*All Purchase Orders must be received on company letterhead prior to the session start.


*Standard payment terms = Net 30 days unless otherwise agreed upon.


*All sessions over 5 hours require a 50% deposit.


*Production Services: Please contact for job quotes.


Hip Hop/Rap Beat Production:

Starting at $300.00 per beat


Multimedia Transfers:


2" Analog to Pro Tools - $70.00 (per tape)


Cassette to CD - $50.00


Vinyl to CD - $50.00


Remote Recording Starting at $500.00




Listen to some of our recordings below to hear the level of audio quality that you can expect from Azmyth Recording Studios.

5210 E 65th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220