Equipment List

Listed below is all the equipment available to our clients.  Microphones and instruments are available for use in any of our studios.

Microphone Collection

Sony C-800G Tube Condenser (2)

AKG C-12A (Classic)

AKG 414 TLII (2)

Telefunken ELAM 251 (original 1963)

Neumann UM-57 Tube

Neumann KM-84 (2)

RCA 77D Ribbon

RCA 77DX Ribbon

RCA 74B Ribbon

AEA R84 Big Ribbon

AEA R88 mkII Stereo Big Ribbon

AEA R92 Big Ribbon (2)

EV RE-320

Coles 4038 Ribbon

AKG 451 (2)

AKG Solidtube

Sennheiser 421 (3)

Shure SM-7 (Dynamic)

Shure SM-57 (5)

Shure SM-58 (2)


Computer Editing

Apple Mac Pro Computer (2)

Pro Tools 10 HDX 96i

Pro Tools 10 HDX 96 I/O

Pro Tools 11 LE

Maschine Sampler

Apogee – Big Ben – Master Digital Clock

A wide variety of plug-ins to perfect your project


1983 MCI JH-636 Series Console (36-Input)

Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

Tape Machines

Otari MX-80 2″ 24-Track Analog Tape Machine

Tascam DA-30 MK-2 DAT Machine

Tascam DA78 – 24 Bit

Tascam DA38 (3)

Tascam DA 88

Otari MX7800


Pre-Amps/ EQ

Neve 1073 Preamp (2)

Langevin AM16 classic Mic Pre (4)

Focusrite Red 2 Dual Equaliser

Focusrite ISA 110 Pre-amp/EQ

Focusrite Red Quad 1 Pre-Amp

Telefunken 695 Vintage EQ (4)

Avalon 737 Pre-amp/EQ

API 3124 Quad Pres

API 312 500 Series

API 550B 500 Series EQ

AEA RPQ 500 (2)

Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ

Ampex 601 stereo tube preamp

Peavy VMP-2 Stereo Tube Pre-amp

Sytek MPX-4A  4-Channel Pre-amp

TL Audio Stereo Tube EQ

TL Nova Series Tube Pre/EQ

Great River 500 Series

Harrison 32 EQ (2)

Orban 622B EW

ADM 1540(6)

Orban Stereo EQ


1992 Gibson Les Paul Classic

Modulus FB4 Bass

Epiphone Les Paul

Sears Silvertone Guitar (amp in case)

1990 Fender Jazz Bass

Gibson EBO Bass

Mesa Vintage 30 Guitar Amp

Randall RM-100 Guitar Amp

Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp

POD – Line 6 – Guitar D.I

Vintage Marshall JMP & 4×12 Cabinet

Monitor Speakers

Event 20/20 (Bi-Amped)

Yamaha NS-10

Yamaha HS8 Monitors

JBL SR 32 Loud Speakers

Tannoy Reveal PBM 10″


SSL G384

DBX 160-A (2)

Avalon 737sp

Urei LA-4

Urei 1178 (stereo)

Symetrix 501 (2)

Aphex 106


Aphex Expressor 661

Empiracal Labs Distressor


Yamaha Motif ES8

Korg R3 Synthesizer/Vocoder

AKAI Max 49 Controller

Native-Instrument Maschine Studio

Numark TT-200 Turntable


Late 70’s Helpinstill Roadmaster Piano

1964 Hammond A105

Leslie 145

5210 E 65th Street

Indianapolis, Indiana 46220