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Ableton Live is today’s fastest growing and most sought after music software by professionals around the world. No matter what you do with music, Ableton can make it happen. Whether you’re producing on a home laptop or in a professional studio, mixing and mastering tracks, DJing, or setting up tracks for live performance with a band...Ableton does it all.


Why Take This Course?

Learn Ableton Live hands-on in an active professional studio. Graduate students are invited to continue to work at the studio to build their music career and network.

Completing the full Ableton Live Music Producer Program (all 3 classes) will give you an Ableton Live Certification through Azmyth Studios. Graduates also get opportunities to perform their own live music at venues in Indianapolis, and receive lifetime special discounts on gear through Sweetwater.


3 Ableton Live Courses

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Choose 1 course, or take all 3 and save $300 and receive the  Azmyth Ableton Live Certification.

Ableton Live Music Production - $1,100

This 4 week course is perfect for all experience levels wanting professional hands-on training producing in Ableton Live. Establish a solid workflow creating your own original tracks and remixes using Ableton’s Instruments, devices, and more.

Ableton Live Mixing Program - $1,100

By the end of this 4 week course, you will have the knowledge and skills to engineer at home or in Azmyth Studios on your own projects!

This course is perfect for all experience levels wanting to get “that radio quality sound” producing and engineering tracks. Learn from the ground up how to record and mix using today’s software plugins and analog studio gear. Throughout the class, students will engineer a song in the studio. Get hands-on experience using a variety of mixing techniques to take your music to the next-level.

Ableton Live Performance Program - $1,100

This 4 week course is perfect for both bands and DJ’s wanting to use Ableton Live on stage. Learn workflows for preparing tracks for live performance, while learning a variety of MIDI controllers. If you want to learn improvised, advanced DJing techniques, or how create a “big live sound” with your band’s tracks, this course will take your live performance to the next level.

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